We design elegant, carefully considered homes to enrich lives and enhance functionality and durability.

explore our design journey – from conceptual and detailed designs to monitoring construction on-site, procurement and styling, we ensure the highest level of quality from start to finish.

The Brief

During the briefing stage, we take the time to learn about how the client wishes to use the property, in addition to discovering their personal style, lifestyle and aspirations. Understanding our clients’ needs, tastes and daily home routines is fundamental to ensuring all stylistic and functional requirements are met.

We build a picture of the project through a site visit and photographs, as well as ensuring that we understand all factors, such as timescale, budget and any administrative requirements.


Room Layout

We start the design journey with a measured survey and detailed drawings of all the interior elements. Any refurbishment project requires us to completely re-imagine the space beyond the decorative finishes, to create a home that meets all the client’s requirements.

Each design proposal is always sensitive to the architecture, the location and the context.

Conceptual Design

Inspired by the client’s personal style, we create mood boards for colour schemes, window treatments, furniture, accessories and art. This process is strictly linked with the design of the room layout, where furniture, lighting and fixtures all get their place. Understanding exactly how the client wishes to use the space informs all of our design decisions. We carefully consider the use of space, creating layouts with a purpose and flow, where natural light is enhanced and where maximum value can be added to the property.

We place particular importance on the practicality and comfort of the spaces we design, ensuring that they not only look beautiful but are also liveable and inviting.

Development Design

Once all the concept designs are approved, we take care of all the FF&E (furniture, fixtures and equipment), including precise finishes for joinery, wall coverings, window treatments and soft furnishings.


Installation and Project Management

We are responsible for providing detailed and complete specifications for the supplies and services required, and for overseeing and monitoring the work up to completion in order to ensure the highest quality. We are rigorous in our approach to the final stages of any project. By supervising the installation of every single item, we turn what can be a difficult and stressful time into a stress-free experience for our clients.


We work together with a network of suppliers and installers to source all elements of the interior design scheme for a perfect execution. We carry out a cost analysis to ensure everything stays strictly within budget while overseeing the process, from ordering to installation, to save you time and money.



The final styling phase is aimed at enhancing your new home experience. This includes a combination of carefully selected objects, soft furnishings, books, floral arrangements and art, each placed to capture your story seamlessly.

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