Festive tablescape ideas

Tablescaping is a big passion of us. We love a good mise en place, it’s a powerful way to dress a space, and we have been using it across different fields, from art exhibitions to interiors. So we couldn’t resist curating some product ideas for a luxurious festive tablescape.


Whether you prefer colourful and lively, cool and elegant, frivolous and fun, or the more traditional. As a general rule, layering is a key element. It adds texture and visual interest and gives the eye plenty to play with.

Now, these are some of our picks:


Now when it comes to plates, the dinner plate is the most important plate on the table from a practical standpoint. You can do without a charger or a salad plate but you need a dinner plate. We usually tend to have at least three plates in the plate stack, a charger, a dinner plate, and a salad plate but even just one plate can be enough for a perfect tablescape.

Here are our hot picks: Royal Copenhagen has a star-fluted Christmas collection adorned with historic decorations that will set immediately the festive tone.

For something a bit less decorated, the Pearl white collection with a beaded edge from Costa Nova is a very elegant touch.

If you instead like a vintage Italian vibe, the Achille collection from Skye McAlpine is a true treat!



How to set them? Stemware usually forms a triangle: the water glass sits above the dinner knife, the white-wine glass is to its right, and the red-wine glass is above them.
Our pick is the Star Champagne coupes from The Vintage List at Liberty. They are hand-blown and hand-engraved and super elegant.


Tablecloth & napkin

Our mums would say that there is no tablescape without a tablecloth. It adds softness and a degree of formality to dining, but it also helps set the scene.

Amber+Willow has a selection of beautiful tablecloths, including some ruffled ones, for a truly whimsical Christmas tablescape.

Looking for something with a fun side? Go for the Red Lobster napkin from Lottie Day.



For a gorgeous botanical tablescape, don’t forget some living elements. Take a stroll through your yard or garden and scout out some pretty herbs, flowers, ferns, and other foliage. Adding a mix of elements at various heights creates dimension, with staggered heights across the table.

We like to pair some greenery with beautiful fabric trimming. They could be used in combination with the napkin or to enhance a centrepiece.

Schumacher has a wide selection of lovely trimmings, embroidered, with fringe, and braided, catering for any taste!


Happy festive season!